100 Word Challenge Week23

There once was this girl named Rachel and she was 11 years and she loved to laugh even though nothing funny happened she would still laugh. Then one day she met this girl named oumou and oumou loved to laugh too. When they saw each other they knew right away that they would become friends. Oumou and Rachel did not know that they went to the same school and they are in the same classroom. When they found that they were in the same class they became friends and they would always laugh when they look at each other’s faces. End

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  1. Mrs Bachtell says: Reply

    Having friends you can laugh with is great.

  2. Nicole Moore says: Reply

    Hi Oumou,
    This was a lovely story about friendship; laughter is very important and it’s special to be able to share that with someone. Next time remember to include the words in the prompt in your challenge.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

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